Monday, July 07, 2008

The Black Forest: Triberg

Behold: the twee little town of Triberg in the south of Germany. Yes, we were still in the Black Forest. However, we were no longer hot on the trail of Hansel and Gretal. This time, we were in pursuit of some good old fashioned kookiness. So it was only fitting that we made our way down to Triberg - famous for its cuckoo clocks, coin-operated orchestrions and Germany's tallest waterfall.

Remember when you were little and grandma had a small little music box with a pinned cylinder inside and you had to wind it to make it play Waltzing Matilda? Well even if your grandma didnt own one, someone's grandma did right? So now imagine that little music box was enormous with drums and windpipes and maybe even a piano and the little pinned cylinder was 200 times bigger. It would no longer be called a 'little music box' but an orchestrion.

See exhibit A:

We found a cacophony of these coin operated machines in the Schwarzwald museum and yes we actually paid to hear a boring assortment of Bavarian Ballads. However, we were thinking of our beloved readers. We enjoy entertaining you and this sure as hell wasn't going to do the trick. We'd have to titivate things a little...

For those who have been following our blog, you'll know that we visited Iguazu falls 8 months earlier. We didn't plan on seeing Germany's tallest waterfall but since we were here we thought we'd check it out. The comparison was stark.

Germany's tallest waterfall...

Iguazu - border of Brazil and Argentina.

The last stop in Triberg was the cuckoo clock shop. We have no photographic evidence of this though. Furthermore, we failed to see the most iconic item in Triberg - the world's biggest cuckoo clock. We had somewhat missed the mark here but we didn't really care. Our sites had been reset for another escapade across the border in Switzerland. No, we were not planning on trying another hideous cheese fondue. We were going to visit Heidi and Ursen who you may remember from our Navimag Cruise blog. Perhaps now we could solve the mystery of whose underwear had been found in our shared cabin?

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