Monday, June 11, 2007

Bizarre Prague

Czech out this strange guy we saw standing at the bus stop. It looked as if he was wearing every item of clothing he owned. This made little sense considering how hot it was. I took this photo so I could see what message he had for the world on those plastic packets at the end of kendo sticks, but on closer inspection it was just the name of the shop the packets came from!

We found this rather odd fountain near the Prague Castle. We are not sure what the story behind it was but it certainly reinforced our view that the Czechs are a bit strange...

We are no really sure was this piece is contributing to the meaning of the world but it definitely makes the grade for bizarre things seen in Prague!

Here Jez decides to get in on the action. Unfortunately, the other boys were too coy to take of their shirts...

Again, Jez will do just about anything to make it into the blog...the empty chairs are testament to the poor sportsmanship displayed by the other boys - again!

The winner of the most bizarre thing we saw in Prague goes to the All Saints ossuary or as the locals call it, the Bone Church. Located in the town of Sedlic, this church contains 40,000 dead humans forming morbidly fascinating sculptures and artwork.

The majority of the lucky bodies used to form the bone art were victims of the bubonic plague who died in the 14th century. As the bodies piled up, a half blind monk gathered up the bones and stored them in a big unsightly pile.

Then in 1870 a wood carver and artist, was commissioned to decorate the church with the bones.

To the left is one of the many bone art creations - a very attractive chandelier which contains every bone in the human body!

More pictures of bone art...

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