Monday, June 11, 2007



Boaz Kogon (AKA Uncle Bozo): Host, guide, translator, all round great guy!

Amnon Kogon (AKA Commrade Kogan/Auntie Amnon): Never far away from food and Golom devotee as you can see by t-shirt he wears!

Gal Hadar (aka Naf Naf) - Excellent Stevie Wonder impersonator and alcohol-thief.

JeTZ - Hopefully we need no introduction!


Bizarre Prague
Iconic Prague

Yummy Prague

alt=Czech food was by no means a culinary delight for us. It was hard enough finding anything on a menu that didn't include some form of pig let alone finding something that was tasty. So when we stumbled across Trdlo* - a delicious hot bread rolled in Cinnamon and sugar and coated in caramel - we were beside ourselves with ecstatic delirium.

Click on the video to see a Trdlo roasting to perfection. In the words of Auntie Amnon: "Ahhhhhh Trdlo, is there anything it cannot do?" A sentiment we all agreed on!

Cute Prague

200km south of Prague is the delightful town of Cesky Krumlov. It was an absolute mission to get there but when we did it was definitely worth the wait!

Uncle Bozo told us that there were Bears kept in the castle moat but I didn't believe it until I saw them with my own eyes. These 2 cuties were very civilised. Look how they sit at the 'table' eating their lunch!

Sadly, the other bears were made into rugs which can be seen in just about every room in the castle:(

*A note about Czech spelling. Vowels are used sparingly. Trdlo is pronounced 'Tredlo' but why bother with the 'e' when there's clearly no other way to pronounce the word?

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