Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Farewell London...

A tribute to our friends and family who made us feel at home in London.
After seven months of travelling around South America we briefly returned to London to say a few farewells...
Goodbye beautiful Hampstead Heath. How we loved walking around you and setting off fireworks at Halloween. Sorry about the holes we left in your grass.
Goodbye underground. We wont miss the sweaty armpits we had to press up against in peak hour, the incessant delays, the extortionate fees we had to pay or even the trashy tabloids we got for free. But nothing made us feel more English than having a good old whinge about it!
Goodbye grey skies and drizzle. We will miss how moaning about the bad weather bonded us to any given Londoner.
Goodbye Brick Lane. Here Jez has one last sampling of his favourite Ethiopian food. We will also miss seeing the array of stolen items (mainly bicycles) and crappy goods for sale on the streets. It would not be uncommon to see someone selling, for example, one pair of electric blue high heeled shoes, an Australian plug, three used cotton buds and a bent fork. 
There were some places we had to revisit just to say good riddance. Like the infamous Mr Wu's all-you-can-eat buffet for just £4.95 which should have come with a free all-you-can-vomit bag.
We still maintain that you don't need to go much further than London to sample some of the best pastries in the world...
Hand modelling done by TZ. Nail colour: Suzie says Dah by OPI care of Mrs Helen Murphy.
Goodbye crazy Camden Town. How fondly we recall the markets and the weird people. We will even miss the stupid low riding, underwear- showing pants fashion commonly seen there.
Hello new piercing. Dont get excited. It was only a normal ear piercing that needed to be redone. Doesn't this scary looking tattoo and piercing artist look a little like Amy Winehouse from behind? Her chest was a metal-detectors dream come true. We raised our eyebrows in unison as she demonstrated just how two piercings were actually joined by a bolt under her thin chest skin. And we winced in pain as she pointed out that a nearby stud was actually imbedded - the scar tissue around the piercing was there to prove it!
Not too longer after we had recovered from seeing the insane piercings, TZ found herself in the hot seat again with a public eyebrow threading experience. It's like waxing but with cotton thread and it's a lot more painful!
Not to be outdone, Jez decided to get in on the action too. He assured everyone that he wont be making a habit out of maintaining his eyebrows as he does no believe in the separation of powers.
Goodbye Prime Meridian. How important we felt having the rest of the world's times revolve around ours!
Goodbye Memo. You may remember we visited Memo and his family in Mexico a while back. Who knows when our paths will cross again? Memo, bring your parents and come visit your family in Australia soon!
Bye bye Kibbutznicks, Nadia, Mel and Sam. We will miss laughing until we cried with you.  
P1000066 P1000023
At least Jez and Mel would later see each other in Israel!
Thank you to Baz and Helen for your hospitality and looking after our big box of rubbish while we were gone. Baz, a million thank yous for taking care of business while we were out of the country.
A very special thank you to our family in London: Mel, Barbara, Lily and Jazzy who made us feel like we were at home from the minute we arrived. We still day dream about your amazing Friday night dinners, the walks around your beautiful garden and the sharing of outstanding red wine.
Barbara DSC03475
To Rachael and Andrew, thankfully we wont have to miss you guys now that you are back in Perth. We are delighted that you have multiplied the BernSousa family. Rachael, we want to know if little Oscar inherited mummy's fangs?
To the Harris' - Frank, Laraine, Daniel and Jeremy. Thank you for your kindness and ensuring we always had a place to go for the high holidays.
And finally, to our ex house mate Ron, where ever you are. No hard feelings about the whole flat sharing thing not working out...
Next stop: Germany.

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