Thursday, September 14, 2006

London: Lost Shor Scrolls

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Based on the famous Da Vinci Code, the Lost Shor Scrolls were planted around London to solve a riddle. The Scroll Planter, affectionately known as Mikey Valentine, devised a devious riddle which remains largely unsolved.

There were supposed to be 4 scrolls but for reasons not yet known, only 3 were hidden. Where was the 4th scroll supposed to be? That was the riddle. So Jez and I head off on our mission to find out where indeed the last scroll might have been hidden...

The first scroll was found at Kings Cross station. It was hidden in the wall along side the escalator. Jez managed to see it and grab it just in time.

The second scroll was located at the very top of a 'wooden banister'. We didn't really know what a banister was but worked out it was a wooden stair rail. We found the scroll at the very top of the stair rail leading out of the station. How it had remained there is a mystery!

We were to find the third scroll in a science museum at one of the displays. The scroll could be found in a blue metal pole which ran horizontal to the display. I reached in to take it out but found a piece of paper which was so far in we had to bring out the pen knife. Fortunately security wasn't as tight as we thought it might have been for pen knives were explicitly forbidden.

We both hacked around inside the pole at this paper for about 15 minutes. Pulling out bits and tearing it to shreds in the process. Finally I managed to pull it out but to our dismay, I had pulled out a lolly wrapper. At first we thought the lolly wrapper WAS the scroll. We thought the secret message was on there but the expiry date on the wrapper said 1989. A quick calculation taking into account the scrolls are only a few weeks old meant the lolly wrapper and the scroll were not one and the same thing.

Please find evidence of the Lost Shor Scrolls here:

Note: The latest theory on the location of the fourth scroll arose when Ronnie's steering wheel developed a very strange sound much like that of sand paper rubbing. We think Mikey might have deviously planted the scroll in his steering wheel.